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Are you looking for a healthier & more balanced lifestyle, but are not sure where to start? 

Do you want to become more active, but struggle to keep up your momentum?

Are you tired of feeling anxious & stressed, but are unsure of how to make a meaningful change? 

Do you feel your life needs a positive shake up, but lack the tools & knowledge to support this? 


Join us and take the first steps towards a happier and healthier life. 


During this 6 week course (2 hours per week) we will introduce the core elements of wellbeing and help you establish positive habits that will impact your life, for good!


The concept of wellbeing can feel daunting or confusing at first. We provide a friendly, open and judgement-free space where we can all explore and discover different ways to improve our lives. 


Every week we will explore a new topic with the help of some experts in their fields. 


  • Habits creation: Discover the secrets to create positive habits. Learn how to trust in yourself (you’re more powerful than you think!) in order to bring lasting and significant change.

  • Mindfulness: Explore how mindfulness and meditation can help you in every aspect of your life. No hocus pocus or mumbo jumbo!

  • Nutrition & Movement: Learn how simple changes to your diet can have great benefits, and be inspired with fun ways to get more movement into your daily life. 

  • Digital wellbeing: Identify practical and effective methods to establish a more balanced and healthy relationship with technology, while boosting your creativity and productivity. 

  • Meaningful relationships: Uncover how to build more meaningful and fulfilling relationships, while improving your communication skills. 

  • Accountability: Wrap up the course by exploring some techniques to keep yourself accountable and keep up the momentum. You’ll walk away with an action plan and plenty of resources to keep you on track - and with some amazing friends who will be right there alongside you!


Completely new to these topics? Perfect! Join us and find out how to get started. 

Already familiar with some of those subjects? Great! Come and share your experiences, challenges and successes, while discovering new ways to bring a positive change. 


Bonus! During the course, we’ll arrange a group tramp/walk with different options depending on fitness levels. We will also offer a super friendly one hour yoga class, accessible for everyone and ideal for complete beginners. 

We look forward to meeting you! 

If after the first session you feel the programme is not for you, we’ll give you a full refund. There’s no reason not to join us. 

If you’re feeling uncertain or are struggling financially, just reach out and we’ll be happy to have a chat and figure it out together!  

Meet your experts


Tuesdays 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

From Tuesday 19th of October

To Tuesday 23rd of November


Risingholme community centre

22 Cholmondeley Avenue

Opawa, Christchurch 8023