Mindful work

Mind the mind at work

Distractions are everywhere! Our productivity and wellbeing are suffering.

Experience how mindfulness can help you regain focus and awareness of the present moment.

Have you heard of the monkey mind? It refers to our minds' inability to remain still and present. It's constantly jumping from one thought to another, and often stressful, worrisome ones. This happens throughout the day, at home, at work, with family, coworkers, etc...

It might sound fun, to jump from thought to thought like a monkey, however this inability to remain still and present directly impacts our productivity, creativity, focus and wellbeing. 

In recent times, mindfulness has gained a lot of attention, however most people don't really understand it fully, and as such it can generate preconceived ideas and judgments. 


We will explore what mindfulness is and most importantly, get a taste of it, so you can experience how it might benefit you and your work. 

You'll leave the workshop with awesome life hacks to declutter distractions and increase your focus and creativity. 


Mindfulness can be practiced at all times, we will look into how it can benefit many aspects of your life, not just work.

  • Learn what mindfulness is and what it's not.

  • Is mindfulness for you? 

  • Use mindfulness to increase your productivity.

  • Explore tools and techniques to use at work

  • Discover how to remove distractions and increase your focus and creativity. 

  • Become a better listener, and speaker. 

  • Gather tips and tips for using mindfulness in everyday life. 

  • Participate in a guided mindfulness practice.

Take care of your mind!

Mindfulness and wellbeing are subjects we're passionate about. Having experienced the benefits of mindfulness and meditation practices ourselves, we are keen for people to understand and experience how it can positively impact them too. 

We also understand that people might have preconceived ideas about what mindfulness is, and how it can be useful to them, particularly in the workplace. We have therefore decided to approach this subject with a playful and experiential perspective, making sure that people understand the diverse ways mindfulness can be used and the multiple benefits it can bring into our lives.