Online Workshops

Blooming minds wherever you are

This isn’t your average e-learning or online training.

We offer extraordinary experiences: short, sweet, punchy, interactive, and full of learning opportunities. 

The new, not so, normal has brought new challenges but also new opportunities. More and more businesses are looking at online training and workshops as a way to keep developing their people, no matter where they are. 

However, we know that poorly executed online training is a waste of time, energy and money, so we spent the last few months crafting unique and highly engaging online experience so everyone can learn in a captivating, interactive and fun way. 


Extraordinary online training is much more than doing what you do face to face, but online. It requires re thinking and developing new and exciting ways to share, inspire and engage participants. 

We believe we found the perfect formula to deliver fun, captivating and impactful online sessions that will help you and your team better navigate the challenges of the modern workplace and life. 

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Pitch & Present

Same great content but adapted for a engaging and impactful online experience.

3 x 1 hour session to help you deliver impactful presentations and meetings.

Face to face, but online

One of the main reasons we fell in love with training and facilitation is the energy, collaboration and connection that arises from a well designed and expertly facilitated workshop. This is easier to create in a physical environment where everyone shares a physical space. However we wanted to recreate those elements in an online environment, and we are positive we nailed it! 

We're not going to lie, we still prefer and believe that face to face training deliver some benefits that online training can't, but that doesn't mean online training can't be amazing, and help you and your team develop new skills to better navigate work, life and the online world! 

Only one way to find out! Get in touch and give us a try!