Pitch & Present

Wow your audience & yourself!

Public speaking can be terrifying! 

Don't worry, we have the expertise and  knowledge to help you become an engaging and inspiring speaker. 

Boring, convoluted meetings and presentations can be a real productivity and energy drain.

Remember the last time you left a meeting room thinking: “That was dull, there’s one hour of my life I’m never getting back!" You probably don't have to think too far back! 

Meetings and presentations are a crucial aspect of all businesses, but all too often they lack effective messaging, can feel dull and are not particularly engaging. 


You’ll leave our workshop with simple, yet very effective tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills, build engaging slides and structure your pitch in a compelling way.


It will also boost your confidence and presence, so next time you’re presenting (whether it is in a small room or a packed auditorium) you’ll feel more comfortable and ready to engage and connect with your audience.  

  • Engage with your audience, no matter the size. 

  • Present your ideas in a clear and impactful manner.

  • Build slides to be proud of.

  • Increase your confidence at work, and in your everyday life.

  • Remove boring and dull meetings from your repertoire. 

  • Share your message using the power of story telling. 

  • Structure your pitch to make it captivating.

This is personal!

This was the first workshop we developed and it’s very special to Marc, our founder. 

Being an introvert and having a fear of public speaking, he never expected to become a successful international trainer, comfortable with speaking in front of 100's of people. Marc always loved sharing and helping people grow, so he pushed himself out of his comfort zone, and mastered the skills to become a compelling trainer and facilitator. 

He also realised, that as his facilitation and training skills improved, his confidence and presence of mind grew too, giving him skills he could use anywhere.

From there was born the idea of developing a simple yet powerful workshop to help people improve their presentation skills, become better story tellers and boost their confidence.