Transformative Communication

Going beyond words

Communication is a key aspect of being human, but how effectively & successfully do we communicate? 

Learn how to better communicate with a thoughtful and open mind.

Communication is a crucial part of our lives. It helps build connections, trust and meaningful relationships.

In the workplace we depend on effective communication to get things done, to motivate others and to achieve our goals. Yet, many of us struggle to be good listeners, to properly express our ideas and feelings and to fully understand the perspective of others. 


In this workshop you'll learn powerful and concise techniques to improve your listening and communication skills. You'll leave with an arsenal of effective tools you can action immediately in all your communications, in and outside of work.


We will explore what leads us to react and behave the way we do in challenging situations, and learn how to respond with a more open and empathetic mind.

Together we will work on an actionable plan so you and your team can keep improving your communication skills to create a successful and productive environment. 

  • React better in difficult conversations.

  • Learn techniques to fully and truly listen

  • Adapt to different communication styles. 

  • Discover how to influence others. 

  • Ask the right questions, to get the right answers.

  • Deliver meaningful, actionable and judgement free feedback

  • Explore the importance of having fun and using humour at work.

  • Bridge the generational communication gap.

We need to talk...

With modern technology and increased awareness, communication has changed for better and worse. It has become easier to stay in touch, but the way we communicate is often less personal and direct. We understand that things change and evolve, however we believe that we shouldn't sacrifice communicating effectively with an open mind. With that objective we have developed this short and impactful training workshop with real life tools and skills you can start using straight away! 

What we love about this workshop is that much of what you'll learn, you’ll be able to use it to improve your communication skills and relationships in both your professional and personal lives.