Not your average training sessions


Are you and your team looking for inspirational, transformative & impactful workshops that will change the way you think, see things, work and live? 
Hello! This way please.

At Bloom my mind we are passionate about helping you develop new skills that will have an immediate positive impact in the way you work, and yes, in the way you live too!

Training has the potential to transform minds & lives.

For us, it comes alive when people learn tangible & accessible skills they can use in their professional and personal life. 

When people acquire new behavioural skills they can use in all aspects of life, it immediately creates a positive impact in the workplace, making them more productive, engaged, empowered & content.

With years of experience facilitating soft skills and behavioural training for Apple, Marc has developed powerful and meaningful workshops to equip you and your team with the right tools to better navigate the challenges of the modern workplace, and life. 


What if you already do in-house training? 

We know, internal training programs can be an important part of some organisations. 

Think of us as your Hyperdrive. Imagine you're cruising in your corporate galaxy far, far away, then you realise you want to travel to new places and explore new worlds and possibilities, that's when you engage your Hyperdrive! So, yeah, that's what we do!

With relevant and trending topics delivered by highly knowledgeable (and friendly) facilitators, our workshops are the ideal opportunity to upskill, reenergise and motivate your team. 

We are also great at creating a safe, open and neutral space where people feel more inclined to share and open up, which leads to rich and powerful learning opportunities. 

What's our worst nightmare?

People leaving the training room, murmuring: “That was a waste of time!"

We make sure all our workshops give you actionable tools in an engaging, interactive and fun manner, so people leave  the room reenergised, enthusiastic and with new skills to apply in all aspects of life, including work, of course! 

Innovative cutting edge training


Our range of topics is innovative, cutting edge and proven to be highly effective, giving you and your team new skills, tools and revitalising energy. 

Expert friendly facilitators


All our workshops are delivered by subject matter experts. We always stay up to date with trends, training subjects and effective delivery methods. 

personal customised experience


We are committed to align with your goals and needs. By understanding your business, we can offer a unique, personal and customised experience.