Training with people in mind

To make our workshops impactful, relevant, transforming and actionable, we focus on what matters most: You!

By sharing simple, yet powerful work and life hacks, we help you generate an immediate positive impact in your life and work.

Bloom my mind was born with the idea to deliver concise, meaningful and transformative workshops to help people better navigate the ever changing challenges of the modern world and workplace. 

We spend about a third of our adult life working, that is 90,000 hours! It's no surprise that our job and life satisfaction are heavily intertwined. Because of this, we believe that the best way to excel in the workplace and improve job satisfaction is by helping you develop skills that will have an immediate impact in all aspects of your life. 

The objectives of our workshops are to help you better navigate work and life by addressing some of the most common challenges we face in today's world.

As part of our sessions, we will help you create a concise and realistic action plan to keep you on track after you leave our sessions.

Pitch and Present

Engage with your audience, no matter the size. 

Present your ideas in a clear and impactful manner.

Build slides to be proud of.

Increase your confidence at work, and in your everyday life.

Remove boring and dull meetings from your repertoire. 

Share your message using the power of story telling. 

Structure your pitch to make it captivating.

Transformative Communication

React better in difficult conversations.

Learn techniques to fully and truly listen

Adapt to different communication styles. 

Discover how to influence others. 

Ask the right questions, to get the right answers.

Deliver meaningful, actionable and judgement free feedback

Explore the importance of having fun and using humour at work.

Bridge the generational communication gap.

Mindful Work

Learn what mindfulness is and what it's not.


Is mindfulness for you? 

Use mindfulness to increase your productivity.

Explore tools and techniques to use at work

Discover how to remove distractions and increase your focus and creativity. 

Become a better listener, and speaker. 

Gather tips and tips for using mindfulness in everyday life. 

Participate in a guided mindfulness practice.

Tech & Digital Habits

Build a better relationship with technology.

Learn about digital distractions and why become addicted to them.

Have an open discussion about privacy.

Identify your negative tech habits.

Explore techniques for positive tech habits.

Learn powerful tools to use at work & at home.

Use tech for empowering communication

Create a personal plan to keep the benefits going beyond the workshop. 

Our workshops are designed to be highly interactive, engaging, inspiring and with actionable tools for continuous growth.

Participants will form their own personal plan and have access to digital hand outs, so they can keep their objectives on track.

Due to the personalised and  interactive nature of our workshops, we usually work with small groups, ranging from 12 to 20 people, depending on the topic. 

Our workshops are designed to last between 3 or 4 hours, we've found it's the optimal timing for enhanced learning and sustained focus.

What other workshops do we do?

We are constantly working on new, cutting edge and innovative workshops to support people's growth and help them navigate the challenges of the modern world and workplace.

We believe it's better to specialise in a few workshops, and do them extremely well with passion, care and great attention to detail!

We can however adapt, and even develop new courses to match your needs, as long as they align with our values and philosophy.